One God was founded by lioness for Jesus Christ Morgan Ariel also known as @itsmorganariel on social media. One God is a bold kingdom lifestyle brand that is centered around our love for Jesus and embodies a passion for truth, justice & American patriotism. There is only One God and his name is Jesus Christ!

You will find premium quality graphic tees to make a statement without saying a word and at the same time find edgy pieces where class remains intact. Sustainable and ethically made clothing are at the center of our mission as the world is suffering from a fast fashion epidemic. In time, we hope to expand the line from our basic designs to more elaborate pieces that are made in house to provide fashion you can wear ethically in confidence. 

We believe in creating culture, not cancelling it. One God was created for such a time as this - as are you. 

For many are called, but few are chosen. - Matthew 22:14

Thank you for being apart of this movement during one of the most pivotal times in American history. We are stronger together and we must continue to walk in unity. 


God bless, 

Morgan Ariel - Curator at One God 


*Please note that we at One God are doing our best to source as many USA based products as possible. Tees & hoodies are made in the USA. Any item on the site that is USA made will state so in the description of the item. Thank you Patriots!